Career Interest Assessments

What is a Career Interest Assessment? The Career Interest Assessment is designed to identify career paths that match an individual's personal traits and interests. The assessment includes an interactive conversation about the person's educational and job history, accompanied with a questionnaire that uses data about a person's interests and self-perceptions to identify career paths that match their personality traits. Dr. Artnak then discusses these results, provides a report of findings, and collaborates to identify a proactive plan of action.

What are the resources required for this service? The in-office personalized consultation takes about two hours. The service is self-pay with a one-time fee of $200. Most insurance plans to not cover this type of service.

Who can Career Interest Assessment Help? Career Interest Assessment can help individuals ages 16 and up who are:

  • Seeking to find a college major or technical career that meets their interests
  • Looking for personal clarity as they enter or return to the workforce
  • Considering a career change that fosters personal fulfillment
  • Exploring ideas about interesting career paths to consider
  • Feeling the pressure to choose a career path
  • Working with a therapist who feels that the results of the assessment may help with treatment progress

For more information about all of the services Dr. Artnak provides, please contact the office, and ask to speak with our Office Administrator or directly with Dr. Melissa Artnak.