Assessment Appointment

Assessment Appointment Information:

Many clients or their families have questions about what to expect within the assessment appointment. The following provides answers to commonly asked questions about the evaluation appointment. If you have further questions as you prepare for the appointment or assessment, please contact the office, and ask to speak with Dr. Melissa Artnak directly.

What is involved in the appointments? Typically, an evaluation conducted by Dr. Artnak occurs over several appointments consisting of: a) the initial interview, b) the assessment appointment(s), and c) a follow-up meeting called the "feedback session".

a) The Initial Interview: We encourage you to plan for one complete hour of attending the initial interview session. The initial interview is also referred to as a clinical interview or diagnostic interview. This appointment consists of Dr. Artnak talking with the client (and, when the client is a minor, the parent(s) or legal guardian(s) of the client) regarding the client’s history and current concerns. Also, the initial interview appointment includes a discussion of expectations for the assessment, policies of the practice, and completion of required and supplemental paperwork.

b) The Assessment Appointment(s): The amount of time you can expect for the assessment appointment(s) varies, depending on your goals for the evaluation. After completion of the initial interview, our staff can provide an estimate of the appointment length. Depending on individual factors, the assessment may be scheduled to occur during one session or two separate sessions. Clients who are considered to be minors in the state of Ohio must be accompanied by their parent/legal guardian to the appointment. During the evaluation appointment:

  • The client completes a variety of direct testing activities, which occur in formats such as question-and-answer, puzzles or logic games, computer activities, drawing, or written response activities.

  • The client participates in an interview with Dr. Artnak that is presented in a “getting to know you” manner.

  • The parents/legal guardians may be asked to share follow-up information based on what was discussed during the initial interview.

  • The parents/legal guardians complete several standardized forms about the child’s daily functioning.

  • The client may also be asked to complete standardized forms about his/her daily life.

c) The Feedback Session: We encourage families, legal guardians, and/or clients to budget one hour of time to attend the feedback session. Dr. Artnak provides a comprehensive written report that summarizes the client's history and current functioning, the results of the evaluation, current impressions, and recommendations. For child/adolescent clients, Dr. Artnak discusses the results of the evaluation with the parent/legal guardian, including diagnostic impressions and key recommendations. Older children and adolescent clients may participate in a portion of this feedback session, at their parents’/legal guardians' discretion. For adult clients, Dr. Artnak discusses the results of the evaluation with you, including diagnostic recommendations and key recommendations.

How can I prepare for the Initial Interview appointment? To prepare for the initial interview we recommend that you:

  • Determine if you will be utilizing health insurance coverage or self-pay for services. Our office staff can assist you with the insurance paperwork.

  • Review and complete the forms for new clients. Copies of the forms are available from the Client Forms page of this website, or you may contact the office to have the forms mailed to you. When possible, please fax or mail the New Client Forms to our office prior to the appointment. You may bring the completed forms with you, but please arrive early to allow for time to process your information.

What is important on the day of the Assessment Appointment? To maximize your comfort and to prepare for the appointment or assessment, we encourage you to consider the following:

  • As much as possible, we encourage that children and adolescents are provided with a routine of adequate sleep and a filling meal prior to the appointment.

  • If your child/adolescent is prescribed any medications – please administer the medications as prescribed by their physician (this includes the day of the appointment).

  • Your child/adolescent may be waiting for a period of time while you are speaking with Dr. Artnak. Though we have toys available on site, many children/adolescents may enjoy bringing a favorite book or personal technology device to pass the time during these periods.

  • Bring a drink and snacks to maintain your child’s/adolescent's energy throughout the appointment.

  • If your child is under 7 years of age or has difficulties engaging in independent play, you are encouraged to invite a trusted adult (such as: a grandparent, extended relative, close family friend) to interact with your child while you are speaking with Dr. Artnak or filling out paperwork.

  • There is plenty of free parking located in both the front and rear of the office building.

What should I tell my child/adolescent about the appointment? The answer to this question may vary depending on your child’s/adolescent's age and other factors. In general, children may appreciate knowing the following basic information about the appointment:

  • Doctor’s name (Dr. Melissa Artnak).

  • The doctor is different from your pediatrician – there will not be any shots or medical procedures.

  • In fact, much of the appointment will be activities or games to see how you solve problems (younger children may respond well to the phrase “brain games,” older children may respond to “problem-solving activities”).

  • It is important to try your best and ask questions if you do not understand something about the games.

  • You will get plenty of breaks throughout the appointment.

  • You can bring a favorite toy (such as an action figure or stuffed animal) to the appointment.

What happens after an Evaluation is completed? The results of an evaluation are communicated in several ways:

  • Feedback Session: First, the adult client or the child/adolescent client's parent(s)/legal guardian(s) will have a scheduled one-hour appointment with Dr. Artnak in which she discusses the evaluation findings, and the next steps to take. This appointment is referred to as a “feedback session” and typically occurs approximately two weeks after the evaluation. Topics of discussion within the feedback session include the individual’s strengths and areas of difficulty, diagnostic impressions, recommendations to promote optimal functioning, and resources for the client, families, parents/legal guardians, educators, and providers. For older children/adolescent clients, the preteen or teen may participate in a portion of the feedback session, based on what is most comfortable for the family.

  • Evaluation Report: A comprehensive report that summarizes the client's history and current functioning, the results of the evaluation, current impressions, and recommendations is written by Dr. Artnak and typically is provided to the adult client or the child client's parent/legal guardian. Some adult clients or parents of child/adolescent clients choose to share the report with those involved in their care such as an educational team, physicians, or treatment providers.

  • Follow-up Consultation (optional): Please contact Dr. Melissa Artnak with questions or follow-up after the evaluation is completed and/or the report is received. Additionally, adult clients or the child/adolescent client's parents/legal guardians may wish to consider providing written consent for Dr. Artnak to communicate directly with other professionals involved in the client’s education or treatment, such as a teacher, school psychologist, outpatient psychotherapist, case manager, pediatrician, physician, psychiatrist, or medical specialist.

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